The Impact of Good Leaders in Society

Unfortunately, everywhere we go nowadays we see signs of ethical deterioration. And we ask ourselves – indeed, what is wrong with the world. The whole trend of this new century seems to be away from the principles and practices of ethics – not toward them. What is most disheartening than man’s puny spirit and man strained relationship with nature? I think we should examine our own position in relation to nature and society with the most appreciate care. Why do we tolerate bad leaders? Here, in a sentence, is the issue. One must decide how he feels about the future of his family and his community before he decides to pick the lesser of two evils. Is this really a dilemma? Frankly, is there no way out of this?

The good leader does walk in step with the sages. He knows he needs to learn more. This is because the true leader understands that everyone who wants to grow and help others to grow needs a mentor. Having a mentor can improve our chances of success. The good leader seeks disciples. He is the first one to know that he will not remain with power forever. He has a duty and a responsibility to pass on his knowledge to others. He becomes, then, a mentor. He motivates his team members all the time.

What does the bad leader do? The bad leader sits in the company of fools. He does not have knowledge. He doesn’t find himself a life mentor. Those who want to lead without listening are not working for the benefit of mankind: they care only about themselves and their political agenda. There is no full dominion over all things. Bad leaders are doing irreparable harm to their coworkers and also to their community.

On the other hand, the good leader has perfect self-control. He knows integrity pays off. He doesn’t have to cheat to win. He does choose right from wrong, and gives service to the world. Of course, ethical conduct is about self-respect.

One more thing, a good leader is the difference maker between success and failure. Good leadership offers forms of contribution that no other activity does. After all, being a leader involves the highest responsibility. Good judgement seeks balance and progress; lack of good leaders eventually finds imbalance and discouragement. Good leaders are a vital element in keeping the peace and in creating opportunities for community progress. Good leaders are the binding force that guarantees mutual respect and love.

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